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Word Nerd: Another Batch of Podcasts to Checkout

The UK’s Guardian Online posted their top podcast picks to “make you smarter by listening”

A Podcast For Fans of Fiction

The New Yorker Fiction PodcastPodcast for Fiction Book Lovers is close to being the greatest book group, English seminar and public lecture you never joined. Each month the magazine’s fiction editor, Deborah Treisman, invites a different New Yorker author as a guest. Each guest chooses and reads aloud a story from the magazine’s archive then they discuss it.

The Guardian started with AM Homes reading Shirley Jackson’s short story The Lottery, set in a sinister and haunting village. It’s the short story I wrote about back in 2012 when I covered some of the parallels it has with the Hunger Games.

A Podcast For Language Lovers

Is the English language your bag? Then Helen Zaltzman’s “The Allusionist” is the etymology party you’ve been waiting for. After all, who knew a simple word like ‘please’ could have such completely different meanings and uses on either side of the Atlantic?

A Podcast For Journalism Junkies

If you like your journalism lengthy, give a listen to the Longform Podcast. It features interviews with journalists such as Malcolm Gladwell and Kathryn Schulz. Speechwriters like Jon Favreau who worked with President Obama and editors like David Remnick have also been featured.

The Guardian’s own excellent podcast is a nice option too. It’s called, Long Reads audio series.

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