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RIP: Alexis Arquette

Rest In Peace - Rest In Power

Alexis Arquette died today

Alexis made her transition surrounded by family in the late night hours of September 11, 2016. We were quite friendly for several decades and it was extremely shocking news to wake up to this morning.


I think we were like 15 or 16 when I met Alexis at an underground club called Impact! She was a boy back then, but she had the same expressive eyes and that huge smile, which I’ve come to consider her trademark. Alexis was the first name she chose for herself and Eva Destruction was the second. The Eva persona was a bit wild, and the name fit her perfectly. In those years she was experimenting with female identities and performing as a drag queen. Her role as a drag queen in “Last Exit to Brooklyn” was captivating and if you haven’t seen it, I hope you can stream it sometime. She certainly made an impact on me and many people around the world.

She was the kind of person who would be super stoked to see me, her face lighting up upon recognition. No matter how many months or years the gaps had been, we always fell right back into things as if it had only been moments.

Bowie-Alexis Connections

Waaaayyyy back in the day, we used to dance at a Bowie inspired club called, TVC15. I wasn’t surprised to read that she requested a Bowie song to play at her transition. I hope she’s dancing with him now, the way she’s dancing in my heart.

Rest in Peace/Rest in Power


From Jackie Beat

Jackie Beat, a local comedienne and drag superstar, posted the tribute below with a public setting. It to appeared in my social feed today. I’m reposting it her because her words provide a beautiful insight. As a long-time friend and close associate of Alexis, Jackie speaks to the type of person Alexis was. A person with a solid sense of integrity, who was always true to who she knew herself to be.

“My earlier tears were from the initial shock, but I really can’t cry for Alexis. Alexis was one of the most supremely talented and fearless people I have ever known. A real artist who lived her life with no fear and no regrets.

She was a sensitive soul who didn’t approve of awards shows because “how can you say that one person’s art is any better than another person’s?” Open and outer-than-out since day one, despite the obstacles and limitations that might put on her career (and, trust me, it did).

Alexis couldn’t fathom telling a lie, even one of omission, just for the possibility of a more successful career – opting for an authentic life instead. A life of love and passion.

She often expressed that it was not her job to make people comfortable. Shamelessly, she would be EVERYONE she was, no matter how much it may have baffled people. It especially puzzled people rooted in this black & white, let’s-categorize-and-label everything world.

So, I hope that by reading this; you understand why tears are not appropriate right now.

Alexis is, was and always will be free.”

Quartknee is an internationally beloved author, storied entertainer, and legendary night-life impresario. He’s also a prominent aesthete and all around tall guy.