IDK Why This Is A Thing on Tumblr

I set up a Tumblr

One of my author friends suggested I check out Tumblr. She’s been very successful on the platform; connecting with other authors, finding beta readers and interacting with a community of people who are passionate about books. It didn’t take much to convince me. She wasn’t the first person to sing the praises of the platform.

She was the first one over the age of 23 to do so, which made me a bit skeptical but not averse.

Dipping my toe in

I’m familiar with the ways that social platforms operate so I set up my own micro-blog on the Site. You can see my Tumblr here. I posted a few things, I interacted with quality content and followed a few people posting consistent things I found interesting. So far so good.

WTF – Why Is This A Thing?

tumblr 25-posts-badge
Apparently, they send out these auto-generated emails for ‘milestone’ posts. I’ve received one for my “first five” posts and now for my first 25. Is this really something to brag about? What kind of idiots are there on Tumblr who can’t even sort out five or more posts?

Current Expectations
Posting things is just what people do now. We post everywhere on several different platforms, several times per day. I’m posting this on my Site as soon as I’m done writing it up. There’s no accomplishment to brag about unless it’s something hard or difficult that’s been overcome. Where is the triumph in something we are naturally expected to do to participate in modern life?

An Analogy
I had a close friend struggling with COPD and he eventually passed away from lung cancer. Breathing is something all of us do, for the most part, without thinking. The only time it becomes a real issue is when there are problems, and it becomes difficult. My friend had good days and bad days throughout his illness. On the good days, something as normal as breathing much more easily felt like a huge accomplishment. I shared his joy and would have gladly re-posted a badge to brag on his behalf if one had been available. To do so for myself, in this situation just seems out of order and confusing.

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