Artist Concerts

Albums are a fading barometer.

This week I was reminded of how irrelevant albums have become. Back in the day, they were kind of shoved down our throats and albums were the only way to get certain cuts by favorite artists.

There are relatively few albums that I would never fast forward less than two or three songs. So out of all the albums I’ve purchased over the years, the skip-to-listen ratios were always quite high.

This issue came up this week because Quentin Quip and I were discussing the potential track list for a Culture Club concert. We’re seeing them this weekend at the Hollywood Bowl. They are performing with the LA Philharmonic and I’m really excited to hear it go down. I wonder how the two groups will integrate such extensive orchestration into dance-pop hits. Of course, I’ll put up a blog post with my review next week.

Favorite Albums Revisited

This shocked me a little. I always thought that Culture Club’s debut album was my favorite but in reviewing the track lists for their first three albums, that’s not actually the case.

culture club albums color by numbers

‘Color by Numbers’ is apparently my fave with 5/10 cuts of never fast-forward (That’s my criteria for evaluating albums). The other two albums, ‘Kissing to be Clever’ and ‘Waking Up with the House on Fire’ both ring in at 4/10 each.

Even more amazing is the fact that this is Culture Club’s second album. Typically, a band gets signed on the strength of their debut material that they’ve honed for years and then experience a ‘second album slump’ IMHO the acts that avoid such a scenario go on to play arenas and stadiums. They also go on to help define their eras even without number one hits (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Duran Duran).

The Album Art Game

Have you seen the ‘Album Art Game’ in your social feeds yet? The rules are simple and it’s fun to play. If you nominate someone, the nominee acknowledges you. That way, you know they have kept it going. It’s a bit like those stupid chain letters but this is musically oriented and fun. I like to try and figure out why someone chose the album that they did.

1) Post the cover of a great album
2) No need to go into why. Just picking it is enough to let us know it’s meaningful to you.
3) Nominate 3 friends to keep it going

I’ve been playing this on FB mostly but it works on Twitter too.
If you want to nominate me, Tweet or DM me: @Quartkneek or HMU on FB: Quartknee!

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