Social Media Accounts are now updated

You can now follow Quartknee on social media again

Everyone has their faves, so I’ve updated my web presence. You can find everything from the world of Q on the three main social platforms.

QuartkneeK on Instagram
Illustrates a slice of life from an author’s wanderings. Sidewalk Sofas, Good Times and Garden Lions are all recurring themes.

Mythosonix on Instagram
Follow the fictional adventures of the Mythosonix crew as they dive deep into the mix of Festivals, EDM Nightlife and DJ Culture.

Quartknee on Facebook
Original posts mixed with the kind of shares and interactivity that FB does best.

Quartkneek on Twitter
A mix of reposts from IG and FB plus a lot of random interactions that only Twitter can facilitate.

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Quartknee is an internationally beloved author, storied entertainer, and legendary night-life impresario. He’s also a prominent aesthete and all around tall guy.