Happy Birthday Boy George

Happy BirthdayI love running into Boy George in random spots. Despite his reputation as an acerbic wit, I’ve always found him to be quite lovely, personable and genuinely friendly.

I caught some of his acoustic set on the main stage at last October’s Halloween Carnival in West Hollywood and even with just a guitar and stripped down accompaniment, he sounded amazing.

Best known for his soulful voice and androgynous appearance, the thing I’ve always admired most about him is the way he’s remained true to himself and his personal journey through life.

These days he is releasing fewer musical recordings instead splitting his time between songwriting, DJing, writing books, designing clothes, and photography. It’s been great to see him on tellie again recently as one of the celebrity judges on the UK version of the Voice. Look out for him on American TV as well as he has some new projects in development that I’m really excited to see.

Happy Birthday Boy George!

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Mister Cue is a former DJ, remixer, music producer and nightlife entrepreneur who now mentors up-and-coming talent as a life-coach and consultant.