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Word of the Week: Multisyllabic

Multisyllabic is an adjective used to describe words that have two or more syllables.
Some use the word interchangeably with ‘polysyllabic’. Words with only one syllable are called, “monosyllabic.” English has over nine thousand monosyllabic words. In comparison, words with six syllables are fairly rare. “Accountability” and “Generalization” are two words with six syllables.

Poetry and Rap Music have long championed multisyllabic rhymes.

Snagglepus is MultisyllabicThese types of rhymes are also known as compound rhymes, polysyllable rhymes, and sometimes colloquially among rappers they are referred to as “multies.”

For example: Touch her not scornfully, / Think of her mournfully.

Another example of this kind of rhyme, rhyming “random luck” with “handsome fuck” and “vans and trucks”.

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