Classic Literature For Listening

Classic literature used to be required reading for high school and college students. As the idea of “language arts” replaced English language studies, these standards have fallen by the way side. Just because they’re no longer required as they once were, the classics still have so much to offer.

Classic novels offer a nuanced presentation of timeless themes of the human condition. Many are densely packed with characterization, action and setting descriptions of long vanished worlds. I found this list of six literary classics available as audio books. The list is compiled by award-winning author Mark Haddon and comprises his favorite audio picks.

While I’m familiar with every entry on the list, I’ve really only read two of them. After reading Haddon’s commentary on each of these renditions, I’m excited to check them out. If you’ve read any of these, or listened to any of these classic novels via audio book, HMU on social media to share your perspective. Which of these six should I check out next?

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