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The Kingdom of Music Has Lost its PRINCE

Prince, the musical megastar is dead at 57. It’s an unbelievable shock to think of a world without his light, love, truth and beauty. He brought so much joy to the lives of so many and it seems like the whole world is mourning his passing.

The sudden death of the diminutive man who became such a towering musical figure, selling more than 100m records in a career of virtually unparalleled richness and unpredictability, has prompted an emotional response from the entire world.

MTV has started playing music videos again in tribute.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has a pretty neat exhibit called the Rain Room, where sensors keep people dry as they walk through a downpour. In tribute to prince, they have turned it into a purple rain room.

AMC Theatres and Carmike Cinemas are among the nationwide movie theater chains that will partner with Warner Bros. to offer screenings of the music icon’s cinematic debut. The 1984 film, Purple Rain, will screen for the next two weeks for fans looking to remember the rock legend’s legacy with this semi-biographical portrayal of Prince’s life and ascension.

Mister Cue is a former DJ, remixer, music producer and nightlife entrepreneur who now mentors up-and-coming talent as a life-coach and consultant.