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A good case against Time Zones

Time Zones cause DST

Many people have suggested doing away with Daylight Savings Time as irrelevant and anachronistic. The same case can be made against Time Zones. They were basically invented for train travel and now that most people travel by air and Internet, I think we should do away with them entirely.

Universal Time (UT) as a global standard might confuse older folks. Los Angeles is seven hours behind basic UT. Converting to UT means the sun rises at the same time but instead of arbitrarily calling it 6am we would call it 1pm.

I think UT just makes more sense for the modern world. For example, say I have a 10am meeting scheduled in Pacific Daylight Time (Which begins today btw), everyone outside my zone would have to do their own conversions if they want to call in to join us. With UT we would just tell everyone to call in to the meeting (Or spark up the video conferencing) at 5pm.

That 5pm would be the same time for everyone all over the planet but for me in Los Angeles, it would still feel like 10am does now. Instead of working 9 to 5, in my area we would work about 4pm to 12a. People in New York are UT-4 so the same time for them would be 1pm to 9pm. With Universal Time we would know to schedule meetings only between 4 and 9pm when both offices are open.

AM and PM take on different meanings in this system and I think that might be the main hang-up for a lot of people in making the switch to UT. The world is global and the Internet is always on, I think our clocks should be too.

This video illustrates some of the headaches that Time Zones cause.

Of course, one of the work around solutions that many developers use for their software is to write code to check the device’s clock and outsource the updates to the user and/or the operating system of the computer/phone/tablet.

Mister Cue is a former DJ, remixer, music producer and nightlife entrepreneur who now mentors up-and-coming talent as a life-coach and consultant.