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Honey Sound System Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that the Honey Soundsystem is turning ten this month. For many of us, this is definitely a case of “time flies when you’re having fun.”

Honey Soundsystem is a collective of disc jockeys, musicians, performers and designers. Co-founders Ken Woodard and Jacob Sperber formed the group in January 2006. Pivotal gay underground parties, who offered a unique take on dance music, provided inspiration. The collective coalesced around a shared love of timeless sounds and iconic imagery. Their bonds solidified with the complete look, indulgent behavior, and most of all, attractive men.

The core of the collective has remained: Jason Kendig, Jacob Sperber aka Jackie House, Josh Cheon, and Robert, “Robot Hustle” Yang aka Beziér.

Happy BirthdayThey’ve expanded their operations beyond nightlife. In the process, they’ve amassed a solid body of musical production work. Their collaborations are legendary. Many of their events are legendary too. If you can recall more than a few details of any of them, you weren’t really there.

Their collective discography now covers DJ sets, remixes as well as original music. Members of the Honey Soundsystem are responsible for helping start three labels ‘Honey Soundsystem Records’, ‘Disciare’, and ‘Dark Entires’. All of their output features music from up-and-coming artists, underground masters, and future legends

Happy Birthday
Honey Soundsystem!

I’m so excited to see how the next decade unfolds for the Honeys.

Highlights of some of the HNY events over the years.

Mister Cue is a former DJ, remixer, music producer and nightlife entrepreneur who now mentors up-and-coming talent as a life-coach and consultant.