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House of Xtravaganza Birthday Ball

I appreciate the new style of Vogueing and I love to see how each House interprets the genre in their own style. I applaud today’s Children & Future Legends for living their dreams – it warms my heart to see them respecting the history of House Balls and the culture they have inherited.

30 year anniversary Xtravaganza
The New York Times reports that “Last month, e-mail began circulating with the news that the Xtravas (as they are known in drag ball parlance) were bringing the party to XL, a slicker-than-vinyl gay club near Times Square”

Watch the video below to see this blend of update/antique – the dancing/visuals are from the 1990 Documentary film, “Paris Is Burning” and the sounds are all au current – new music done in the classic deep house style with a bit of Nicki Minaj style rap/chant vocal thrown over the top – as well as some audio lifted from the film… all mashed together magnificently.

Happy Birthday Xtravas!

Mister Cue is a former DJ, remixer, music producer and nightlife entrepreneur who now mentors up-and-coming talent as a life-coach and consultant.