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Occupy SF Action: FAIL

Last night I stopped by Walgreen’s on my way home. It was the one on Franklin Street just up from the old Cathedral Hill Hotel which looked like the end of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) “January 20th Day Of Action”

I should say that I agree something should be done to fix things in this country and that those responsible for ruining the global economy for their own personal gain should be held accountable.

Having said that, I think the SF Occupy group is completely and utterly embarrassing.

To be fair, this could have been a small splinter group of misguided mostly white middle class hippy types. From what I could see it was maybe 50 people mostly sitting around or standing in the middle of the street while some anarchists broke into the old hotel. This is supposed to call for the need for more housing or something. It was difficult to read their banners and so many people answered when I asked what this was all about that I couldn’t really understand them.

As I went into the store I heard them playing some Talking Heads song. I can’t remember which one but David Byrne has a super distinctive voice.

When I came out of the store I had to walk past the cops laughing at the demonstrators and making fun of their music. It was some Gangster Rap song – which in and of itself wouldn’t be so bad except that it’s kind of disgusting to see privileged white people glamorize poverty and underclass criminality to such an extent.

As I got closer to the group blocking the street, most were just sitting in clumps around the sidewalk or standing in the street. About ten of them were dancing around and most of the ones standing in the street were bopping to the music.

This is where they lost me completely and I can no longer in good conscience take them seriously.

The lyrics I heard – that they were all so into were:

I treat that bitch like my ATM card

SRSLY… as if misogyny weren’t something they should be protesting… the song was glorifying the use of hookers to bankroll an extravagant lifestyle and none of them took umbrage with it. I thought banks acting like pimps was one of the things they were protesting but by occupying the hotel I guess they’re protesting Obamacare because the developers are turning the hotel into a hospital.

I’m glad popular culture has moved beyond Gangsta Rap – it sounds so weak and dated now – I mean nothing says early-to-mid 90’s more except maybe “Grunge” and most of the people I saw there were stuck in that look…

I don’t pay attention to the corporate media anymore but from what I can see with my own eyes – the Occupy “Movement” hates cross town traffic, female prostitutes, state of the art urban medical centers and convenient access to quality medical care.

And quite possibly any music or fashion created after about 1994.

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