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Revenge Of The Nerds

Last night I watched the 80’s teen movie, “Revenge of the Nerds.” I’ve seen it before and I’ve always remembered really loving it. What I didn’t remember was how much they stretch the nerd hating and bullying. It’s awesome that they never devolve beyond that, especially when taunting Lamar, the gay black character. IRL the word “Faggot” would have been used quite a bit not just for Lamar but I’m sure for all of them.

Also missing were other nerd related epithets like, geek, spaz, dweeb, dork, etc. It made the antagonism a bit one-dimensional and more than a little bit corny but maybe that’s part of the appeal.


And yes, I am such a nerd that I had to get online and download at least 4 tracks from the film including “They’re So Incredible” By Revenge that was featured in the film as the talent show song.

After seeing this video, I love the song even more now!

Must find out who the Max Headroom wannabe is…
Could it be the music man recording as “Revenge?”

Maybe I’m more mature now but the scenes with Wormser the child protegee just seem more than a little creepy – it could also be the heightened focus on bullying in schools because in some sense they really are just picking on a little child even though in the film’s context he is another one of their college attending peers.

The “Cleaning Up The House” scene is so stereotypically 80’s montage that I wish someone would post it to YouTube so it could be parodied more.

Even the film’s title track is fun:



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