Happy Birthday To Boy George

On 27 January 2011 Boy George announced to the BBC that there will be a 30th anniversary Culture Club reunion tour sometime later in the year and that they would be releasing a new album in 2012.

I’ve loved Boy George since his days as a poser on the New Romantic scene in London. Our paths have crossed more than a few times over the last couple of decades and he’s always been super sweet to me even though his reputation has often led people to believe he’s anything but nice or sweet.

Through his many phases: headstrong club kid, hot tranny mess or tortured bohemian George has never failed to entertain with his music or quotes in the media. Even as a DJ/Remixer he continues to deliver consistent quality and his skills have earned him much respect from other DJs. This is especially significant considering how short the shelf life is for most ‘celebrities’ looking to extend their 15 minutes by spinning a few records.


Happy Birthday Boy!


I have way too many favorite Culture Club/Boy George songs to pick one or two to post here so I’ve decided to go with one I consider to be significant. Political Pop and Contemporary Protest Songs are all too rare these days but in the late 1980’s it wasn’t as uncommon.

Here is the Acid House remix of his song “No Clause 28”. He produced the song to protest a Homophobic amendment written into British law. The amendment stated that a local authority “shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality” or “promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship”.



Because it did not create a criminal offense, no prosecution was ever brought under this provision, but its existence caused many groups to close or limit their activities or self-censor. For example, a number of lesbian, gay and bisexual student support groups in schools and colleges across Britain were closed due to fears by council legal staff that they could breach the Act. Clause 28 was eventually repealed in 2003.



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