The First-Draft Continues to Evolve

It’s a new year but the same novel project. This project is shaping up to be the first installment of the Mythosonix Mysteries Series. You can follow its development on my YouTube channel

The Mythosonix are an EDM band made up of two DJs and a vocalist on the road with some session musicians. They are loosely based on my ‘Raving Decade’ experiences from the 1990s.

This project began with my first NaNoWriMo

The National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short and NaNo for short-short) is a 30-Day Challenge to write at least 50,000 words in the month of November. This was my first year participating, and I “won” the challenge! As part of this contest, I outlined a new novel in October and during the month of November, I wrote over 50,000 words to begin my first draft.

The blogdog writing is back

The Quartknee.com Blog is where I’ll post random bits and bobs related to the fictional world of the Mythosonix. You’ll also find posts about music, dancing, EDM, Rave Culture, nightlife and how they intersect with words, ideas, books and reading as well as spirituality, faith, personal growth and expansion. It is also a place to mark the holidays, honor the past, and hope for the future…

Q has more things incubating

Things are heating up and moving forward at a fine pace. You may soon see a few fine cracks spidering across the outer shell and hopefully, something will hatch this spring.

When they emerge, this will be the first place I present my newest offerings to the world.

If you’d like to be among the first to know what’s going on, please use the form in the sidebar to get updates about new releases, special offers and more.

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